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More Tristripes On the Way!

News item pic We hope to hatch out more outstanding Tristripe visuals this year like this 2013 female - the fir...

Special Box

News item pic NoCo Super Special, NoCo Crystal and Baker Line Crystal - each beautiful in their own way :) <...

Pastel Ultramel or More?

News item pic Exciting times as the first eggs of the season are pipping. From first sight, this looks like it'...
Our facility Welcome to Regal Pythons, the source of high quality recessive Royal Python morphs - and the UK home of the Tri-Stripe Project!

We are dedicated to collecting and combining the genetics of extremely rare and beautiful Royal Python morphs to create unique designer animals that retain their brilliance as they age.

We have an enviable track record of sourcing the very highest quality animals from the leading international breeders, ensuring our available offspring are second to none.

Over the coming years, we hope to produce some truly astounding double recessive animals and will be offering our customers the opportunity to join us on our exciting projects.

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