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Our Canadian friends Regius Co have an excellent reputation for producing high quality designer morphs - we look forward to working with them in the future on some extremely exciting Projects.

Proracks supply all of the equipment we use in our Snake Room - unquestionably the UK premier supplier of leading edge, high quality aluminium racks and incubators.

F10 disinfectant - the safest and most effective routine disinfectant for enclosures and equipment and an essential component of Respiratory Infection nebulising treatments.

Bio Ken is a Kenyan charity that keeps large numbers of venomous African snakes for anti venom production. They provide treatment for envenomation free of charge to those most at risk of venomous bites and least able to afford treatment i.e. farm labourers and villagers. Without this charity, treatment would cost more than three months wages. Bio Ken house the largest collection of venomous snakes in East Africa and is definitely worth a visit if you are holidaying in Mombassa. Please give generously as they are entirely reliant on contributions!!!